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Liquid Honey – The most common honey to all of us, due to it’s great uses when mixing with food products, it is great for cooking and baking.

Comb Honey – Original, it is the honey found inside the honeycomb and is perfectly edible.

Cut comb – Liquid honey that has added chunks of the honeycomb in a jar, frequently known as a liquid/cut-comb combination.

Naturally Crystallized Honey – Honey in which part of the glucose content has crystallized and is still perfectly edible.

Whipped Honey – While all honey will eventually crystallize, whipped honey would reach the market already crystallized so that it can be spread like butter under the right temperatures.

Honey would also vary depending on which flower the bees are collecting nectar from. Beehives are usually placed around fields dedicated to one plant which results in the production of a unique flavour honey.