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The bee colony can have 60 000-80 000 bees. However of this whole number there is only one queen bee. The male bees (drones) constitute 500-800. The greater number of bees is the workers. These are usually 60 000 or more in a normal colony.

The Queen Bee
-is the only mother in the hive
-is the longest bee of the three types of bees in the hive
-has wings that are shorter than its abdomen
-has sparkling golden hairs like those of a drone
-does not have a proboscis to suck nectar
-does not have a sting and does not have pockets to carry pollen
-is mentally less developed than the worker bee
-lays an averages of 2000 eggs per day depending on how old she is and other factors like the
-availability of food in the locality
-does not secrete wax
-matures after 5days from the day it is hatched
-mates with 7-8 drones that die soon after the process
-is fed by worker bees
-the queen also controls the activities in the hive by secreting some substances that the bees lick from her body and pass on

Worker Bee
These are female bees whose sex organs are underdeveloped. The worker bee has a sting to fight off enemies thereby protecting the hives from enemies. It is the worker bee that does all the household and field duties for the colony. The duties include building combs, collecting pollen, propolis, blocking cracks and crevices in the hive. They are the bees that make honey, feed the brood and the queen and maintain the temperature of the hive conducive for the livelihood of the brood.

The Drone
These are male bees that have a life span of 12-16 week. They do not have a proboscis and do not have a sting. Drones have very big eyes that seem to meet, and they are fatter than the worker bees. Their wings are longer than those of the queen, and their wings are longer than the abdomen. They do
not have pockets to carry pollen. The drone is the laziest bee that can be found in the hive. Drones can be booted out of the hive during drought because they are parasitic to the workers. They are not productive. Only 7-8 of drones mate with the queen. There are usually 300-500 drones in a hive.